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vcg::tri::SelectionStack< ComputeMeshType > Class Template Reference

A stack for saving and restoring selection. More...

#include <selection.h>

Public Member Functions

 SelectionStack (ComputeMeshType &m)
bool push ()
bool popOr ()
bool popAnd ()
bool pop (bool orFlag=false, bool andFlag=false)

Detailed Description

template<class ComputeMeshType>
class vcg::tri::SelectionStack< ComputeMeshType >

A stack for saving and restoring selection.

This class is used to save the current selection onto a stack for later use.

it should be generalized to other attributes with a templated approach.

Member Function Documentation

◆ pop()

template<class ComputeMeshType >
bool vcg::tri::SelectionStack< ComputeMeshType >::pop ( bool  orFlag = false,
bool  andFlag = false 

It restore a saved selection. The process can be done or in a straightforward manner (e.g. selection values are substituted) or preserving selected or unselected elements (e.g. the restoring is combined in OR/AND)

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