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vcg::vertex::TexCoord< A, TT > Class Template Reference

Generic Component: Per vertex Texture Coords More...

#include <component.h>

Inheritance diagram for vcg::vertex::TexCoord< A, TT >:

Public Types

typedef A TexCoordType

Public Member Functions

const TexCoordType & T () const
 Return a const reference to the Texture Coordinate.
TexCoordType & T ()
TexCoordType cT () const
template<class RightValueType >
void ImportData (const RightValueType &rVert)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool HasTexCoord ()
static void Name (std::vector< std::string > &name)

Detailed Description

template<class A, class TT>
class vcg::vertex::TexCoord< A, TT >

Generic Component: Per vertex Texture Coords

Note that to have multiple different TexCoord for a single vertex (as it happens on atlas where a vertex can belong to two triangles mapped on different portionof the texture) you have two options:

It is templated on the TextureCoord type. Usually you use the specialized classes TexCoord2f or TexCoord2d; See the TexCoord2 class to see how to access to texture coordinate values.

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