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vcg::tri::UpdateCurvatureFitting< MeshType > Class Template Reference

Computation of per-vertex directions and values of curvature. More...

#include <vcg/complex/algorithms/update/curvature_fitting.h>


class  Quadric
class  QuadricLocal

Public Types

typedef MeshType::FaceType FaceType
typedef MeshType::FacePointer FacePointer
typedef MeshType::FaceIterator FaceIterator
typedef MeshType::VertexIterator VertexIterator
typedef MeshType::VertContainer VertContainer
typedef MeshType::VertexType VertexType
typedef MeshType::VertexPointer VertexPointer
typedef MeshType::VertexPointer VertexTypeP
typedef vcg::face::VFIterator< FaceType > VFIteratorType
typedef MeshType::CoordType CoordType
typedef CoordType::ScalarType ScalarType

Static Public Member Functions

static CoordType project (VertexType *v, VertexType *vp)
static std::vector< CoordType > computeReferenceFrames (VertexTypeP vi)
static std::set< CoordType > getSecondRing (VertexTypeP v)
static Quadric fitQuadric (VertexTypeP v, std::vector< CoordType > &ref)
static void computeCurvature (MeshType &m)
static void expandMaxLocal (MeshType &mesh, VertexType *v, int max, std::vector< VertexType * > *vv)
static void expandSphereLocal (MeshType &mesh, VertexType *v, float r, int min, std::vector< VertexType * > *vv)
static void getAverageNormal (VertexType *vp, std::vector< VertexType * > &vv, CoordType *ppn)
static void applyProjOnPlane (CoordType ppn, std::vector< VertexType * > &vin, std::vector< VertexType * > *vout)
static CoordType projectLocal (VertexType *v, VertexType *vp, CoordType ppn)
static void computeReferenceFramesLocal (VertexType *v, CoordType ppn, std::vector< CoordType > *ref)
static void fitQuadricLocal (VertexType *v, std::vector< CoordType > ref, std::vector< VertexType * > &vv, QuadricLocal *q)
static void finalEigenStuff (VertexType *v, std::vector< CoordType > ref, QuadricLocal q)
static void updateCurvatureLocal (MeshType &mesh, float radiusSphere, vcg::CallBackPos *cb=NULL)

Detailed Description

template<class MeshType>
class vcg::tri::UpdateCurvatureFitting< MeshType >

Computation of per-vertex directions and values of curvature.

This class is used to compute the per-vertex directions and values of curvature using a quadric fitting method.

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